Sea Pearl Charter

Our story is that of the journey of a remarkable man. A man who’s life’s passion was determined at a young age. A passion most of us cherish, but unfortunately so little of us really pursue. This story is about Leo’s life and how every part of it is translated into his masterpiece; the Schooner Mutiara Laut.

The ambitious idea was born to create a classical Schooner with the touch of the Indonesian Phinisi to discover world’s largest archipelago in an unmatched luxurious authenticity. After almost three years his dream came true. Being at an age at which most people prepare for death, he gave birth to the Mutiara Laut. Arising out of the jungle of Kalimantan his new adventure was ready for him.

Sailing With 850 m2 Of Sail Surface

Though the streamlined hull and massive sails make for excellent upwind performance, the liveaboard Mutiara Laut is built primarily for comfort and safety and allows guests to discover the far-flung nooks and natural splendor of the Asian seas at a smooth, leisurely pace.

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