We’ll never let an opportunity slide to go and look at these amazing living dinosaurs in their natural habitats either on Rinca or Komodo island, with a leisurely two-hour trek and accompanied by park rangers. While the dragons decide whether they’ll show up in force or just lie in hiding, there’s always plenty of other wildlife around to entertain you, be it monkeys or deer, wild boar or buffalo, eagle or snake.



On our journeys, we often find inviting hilltops to climb and catch amazing views over the surrounding lagoons and seas. Usually, only a little bit of physical effort is required to be awarded simply stunning views, no matter if it’s for a spectacular sunrise or for a jaw-dropping sunset. These panoramic viewpoints never disappoint and can just as well be on the top of Padar island in Komodo as on Painemu island in Raja Ampat, or tens of other lesser known islands we pass during our trips.



When in Raja Ampat, early risers will often be offered the opportunity to go in the footsteps of Richard Attenborough and see some of the rarest and most magnificently coloured birds on the planet, as they do their mating dance to attract breeding companions in the rainforest.



With many of our trips passing through – or very nearby – the original Spice Islands, the incredible historical importance of places like Banda Neira, Ternate, Run and Ambon is only that much more fascinating once you set foot on these tiny specs on the world map and realise the massive impact they exerted on the global economy 500 years ago and how this reverberates in today’s world. You may just find out why Wall Street is in New York and not on the island of Run.


Nowhere else will you find the most profound examples of true Indonesian hospitality and heartfelt friendliness as in the hundreds of villages, hamlets and settlements that dot even the smallest islands in this massive archipelago. A stroll, a walk or a trek along any coastal road or path will inevitably bring you in contact with what is arguably the biggest treasure of this Emerald paradise: its people. Spending half an hour with a group of Indonesian children on their way to school will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day and leave the warmest memories in your heart forever.


A perfect way to pass a surface interval between dives or to go and explore some nearby beaches or lagoons under your own power is to take out one of our stand-up paddleboards or two-seater sea-kayaks. We’ll drop them in the water anywhere conditions are right, fit you out with lifejackets and drinking water and send you on your way!


In areas where motorised watersports are allowed, we’ll tie the wakeboard or waterskis behind the speedboats and you’ll be welcome to show off your athletic and acrobatic skills to your fellow passengers. And if your not that athletic, well then at least you’ll be giving your audience a good laugh.


Depending on the preferences of our passengers and whenever it fits in the schedule, we’ll take you on some kind of exploration of the islands we pass. Sometimes it will just be a stroll on a picturesque beach, then again it may be a bit of hike to a hidden lake full of stingless jellyfish. A trek through the jungle may end up in the amazing ruins of an old church and on another cruise it could be a stiff walk to go and smell some cinnamon, almonds and nutmeg fresh off the tree. And what looks like a sleepy hamlet from a distance, often turns into a crowd filled village bustling with activity.


Many times just jumping on the speedboats and letting “our guys” take you for a ride will result in some of your most memorable holiday experiences. The totally unexpected discovery of a hidden lagoon, a sunset cocktail on a tiny desolated beach with pink sands, a funny encounter with local fishermen who smilingly present you with the freshest sashimi you’ll ever have, the cutest baby sharks that come swimming around your ankles in knee-deep waters. Uur speedboat drivers will happily take you there.


While most of the areas we visit are best known for open water scuba diving, the unique diversity and stunning beauty of the underwater world in this part of the world is often just as visible when snorkelling. We offer free use of the traditional snorkelling gear we carry with us, as well as modern full-face snorkelling masks that often make it easier for novice snorkellers to have the first try. Many of the dive sites that are now ranking in the absolute world top of known and documented sites are not very deep at all and can easily be enjoyed by just snorkelling on top of them, to the extent that purely snorkelling-oriented cruises (without any scuba diving) can happily be organised.


Full private charters are the ideal way to fill in your cruise to your heart’s content. Visit the Asmat tribes of Papua, the three-coloured lake of Kelimutu on Flores or the hidden highland paradise of Tanah Toraja in Central-Sulawesi just like the explorers of old, with your sailing vessel Mutiara Laut as the home base for your expeditions.

Over the years we’ve successfully executed numerous custom-made exploration trips while taking care of all necessary land-arrangements and providing unique experiences to our guests. Biological surveys of wildlife, film crews doing documentaries on butterflies and birds, stargazing trips for dreamy-eyed celebrities who we promised never to mention by name: if you can dream it up, we’ll help you do it.

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