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To achieve this, teams need an inclusive on-premise mobile device lab that App Store Website enables developers and QAs to test their APK files across the latest and legacy Android devices. If this is the case, you may need to check with the app’s developers to see if support for Android 4.4.2 or below has been scaled back. That said, as far as we can tell, newer apps that won’t run on your Mac inside of BlueStacks seem to be hidden from the Play Store on that device.

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  • For example, you can create a single APK from an APK for smartphones and an APK for tablets.
  • Basically, JADX is packed with a command-line utility as well as a GUI application.
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It’s not perfect, but BlueStacks does go a long way in making controls manageable within the emulator. Now that you’ve installed BlueStacks, you’re going to head to the “Applications” folder on your Mac. Double-click on the app to open it, and you’ll be asked to create a username and an avatar.

How to Open APK File on Android Devices

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It allows you to customize builds and create multiple variants of the APK for different Android devices. However, there are also some benefits to installing APKs manually or sideloading. Let’s look at some of the scenarios where installing APKs manually is a lot better than letting Android do all the work.

You can currently only view drawable since java and XML files are not visible. APK is nothing but a file format whose backronym is “Android Operating System Package”. Its basic purpose is the distribution and installation of applications.

When you download an app from Play Store, you won’t find an APK because the Play Store automatically downloads and installs it. However, if you want to install an app which is not available in the play store, you have to download a .APK file from third-party APK sites and manually install it. Google Play is the official app store for Android. As a bonus, you can browse through millions of apps, games, and other content. There are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, and the number grows each day.

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