Dive Equipment Rental

Most of our diving guests bring their own equipment, at least for “fitted” items such as wetsuits, masks, fins & booties, and of course their own computer and camera.

Obviously, we provide dive tanks for free. Mutiara Laut carries a large number of 12 litres (80 cuft) Luxfer and Amscud aluminium cylinders, which are fitted with DIN adaptable valves and designated for use with either regular air or Nitrox 32. Nitrox cylinders have EANX ready valves and are regularly serviced accordingly. They are marked with standard yellow and green NITROX stickers and yellow or green valve caps, while air cylinders have black valve caps and no markings. In addition, we have a limited supply of larger 15 litres (100 cuft), which are available for rent. For diving with Nitrox there will be a charge of 5 $ per dive.

Weights and weight belts are also provided for free. We have 1 kg (35 oz) and 2 kg (70 oz) lead weights available for use on standard exterior weight belts with buckle. For integrated weights please provide your own pouches. Furthermore, our masks and snorkels can be used for free, and we also offer free use of our SMB Surface Marker Buoys and reef hooks for those dive sites with slightly more challenging currents.

If for some reason your personal scuba equipment would fail, or if you didn’t bring your own, we can offer you a goodly choice of equipment for rent to keep you wet and diving. The majority of our equipment is manufactured by Aqualung and we carry a selection of BCDs, Regulator Sets, 3mm wetsuits (mostly shorties) and booties and fins in the most common sizes. In case your underwater torch malfunctions, we have a few torches for rent at a modest fee, and for your safety, you can choose to rent one of our Nautilus Lifeline GPS locator devices.

For an overview of available diving equipment and rental fees, please go to Variable Surcharges.

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