Mutiara Laut was born from the dream of one man, whose name and legacy will forever remain inseparable from the ship he built quite literally with his own hands.

Leendert “Leo” Van Oostenbrugge, a Dutch native from the port city of Rotterdam (°1941), had spent the better part of his professional career navigating the oceans of the world at the helm of large cargo ships before moving on to own and manage yacht marinas in the Netherlands. Here, in his own wharf, he quickly gathered fame as a builder of small luxury sailing yachts.

Upon his retirement, this true Bourgondian at heart, who had always thoroughly enjoyed the better things in life, settled in Bali with his wife Martha. However, as a restless bon-vivant and an insatiable adventurer, a quiet sunset on the couch was not what he had in mind.

The sea always kept beckoning and travelling as a passenger on cruise ships simply wasn’t enough to quench his thirst for exploring the remote parts of Indonesia.

And so this romantic doer set out to build his own sailing yacht, which he would christen Mutiara Laut or “the Pearl of the Sea”.

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