Life on Board

Sailing with the Schooner Mutiara Laut is as idyllic as you could possibly imagine

The VIP cabin at the stern of the vessel is the spacious and simple yet elegant Master Cabin. Decked out in gleaming timber from floor to ceiling, there is ample storage space in the walk-in wardrobe, a comfortable desk and seating areas with natural light flooding in through the large windows.

Special attention has been given to each cabin’s bathroom, which in the case of the VIP suite runs the full width of the cabin, and includes double vanities, branded amenities and an open-plan shower decorated with intricate handcrafted tiles.

On Water Activities

We have a variety of watersports equipment on board to have you choose from for many different water activities.

Check out hidden lagoons with our sea kayaks, or test your balance with stand up paddle boarding . Mutiara Laut also comes with two large and one small tender which can take you to pristine bays or deserted beaches. Waterskiing or wakeboarding are also options and if you want to go out for some crazy fun on the water, we even have a banana boat on board: there’s something for all ages!

Under Water Activities

Indonesia is famous for diving. You can feast your eyes on over 3000 different species of fish! Compare that with 1500 on the Great Barrier reef and just 600 in the Red Sea and you can imagine the amazing array of diversity and rich teeming reef life just waiting to be discovered. Our fully licensed and experienced team of Dive Guides can take you to some of the most mind boggling diving spots to be found on the planet! If you want to learn how to dive, we will bring our Dive Instructor along to teach you. And for those who want to enjoy the amazing underwater scenery without diving, we ‘ll take you snorkelling. Simply grab your kit and wade out into the clear waters to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the colorful and diverse marine world.

Wildlife at Sea

Indonesia’s waters are home to some of the most magnificent and rarest creatures on Earth. During our open-ocean crossings we often get accompanied by dolphins and whales. Swimming with turtles, a close encounter with a flock of manta rays and even some eye-to-eye contact with the occasional  shark belong to the endless adventures at sea.

Safety on Board

The safety of all passengers and crew members has always been top priority aboard our sailing vessel.

All staff members on board and ashore are genuinely committed to this corporate safety philosophy; our leading team is selected on this basis. Regular inspections and safety check-ups, as well as continuous safety drills are part of day-to-day life for us, and every crew member is deeply aware of his or her major responsibility. The Schooner Mutiara Laut sails with competent and highly qualified crew, who are fully certified in their positions.

The amount of search & resque equipment and the total number of seats in the life boats vastly exceeds the maximum number of people on board at any given time. Each passenger will find his or her own life vest in the cabin and with redundancy being the key-word, additional life vests are available in various spots on deck and at the assembly points. Our crew is dedicated to the well-being and the safety of all our guests around the clock.

The Schooner Mutiara Laut has State of the art navigation equipment and accessible ‘wings’ on the bridge make for excellent visibility.

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