Private Luxury Charters

Make MSY Mutiara Laut Your Own Private Luxury Yacht

A full private charter of Mutiara Laut is the ideal option for those who wish to spend their holidays with family or friends, free of any imposed daily program and with the entire crew dedicated solely and exclusively to your needs and wishes.

The advantages are obvious: the chance to stay as long as you want in one spot without having to worry about the preferences of other guests while being able to spend your holidays with the people you love and with the whole crew at your beck and call.

Most importantly you can choose how you spend your time, at what time you get up and when the first dive should be, and you don’t even need to dive if you don’t feel like it! Hit the beach at your leisure, pick a snorkelling spot or go visit a village onshore wherever and whenever you wish.

Full Private Charter INSIDE Schedule

If our scheduled dates and itineraries suit your holiday planning, then a “Full Private Charter INSIDE Schedule” would be the best formula for you. The cruise will depart and finish at the listed locations and on the pre-scheduled dates (give or take a day), but at the time of booking you can largely fill in the sailing route and the activities during the trip to your own delight.

Full Private Charter OUTSIDE Schedule

Why not take it a step further with a “Full Private Charter OUTSIDE Schedule”? Choose not only the route that excites you the most but also the ports of call and the start and end dates of YOUR cruise. From there, we can tailor-make the trip of your imagination, no matter whether it’s a snorkelling itinerary combined with village visits or a bird-watching cruise following in the footsteps of Wallace… It doesn’t get more personalised than this.

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