Sailing With 850 m2 or 9,000 sqft of Sail Surface

Mutiara Laut is a thoroughbred sailing yacht and was purposely designed and rigged to have true sailing capabilities. Contrary to the many other liveaboards around her, her sails are not just for show! She has the pedigree of the 18th century North Atlantic schooners, that were renowned for their speed and maneuvrability, and her streamlined hull and massive main sails make for excellent upwind performance.

When all 7 sails are up and the wind fills the 850m2 or 9,000 sq.ft. surface, Mutiara Laut will easily go close to 10 knots.

At the same time, even raising only one or two sails will substantially increase stability in rougher seas, allowing our guests to discover the natural beauty and splendor of even the remotest islands in safety and comfort at a smooth, leisurely pace.

Our cruises however, heavily depend on scheduling, which means we cannot rely on the vagaries of wind, waves and currents to bring us from A to B in the time we have: our 750 hp Yanmar engine will take care of that. But when time and conditions permit, Mutiara Laut will proudly show you her true beauty and elegance when her sails go up. It is always a sight to behold, to watch the rigging of the ship to her full glory and involving close teamwork of the entire crew, with the captain and the officers directing and shouting commands.

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