Cruising With The Mutiara Laut

All cruises with the schooner Mutiara Laut are designed to give passengers the 5-star luxury experience of being on a privately chartered sailing vessel.

Our experienced and dedicated 14-member crew will pamper “their” guests from the moment they welcome you aboard until the moment they say farewell at the end of an unforgettable cruise.

Join In or Charter

Book a cabin on one of our fixed itineraries or turn the entire vessel into your own private yacht through a charter.

On fixed itinerary cruises we’ll be sailing with a mixed group of maximum 14 passengers coming from all over the globe, who all share a love for sailing, exploration and scuba diving.

Private charters, on the other hand, are ideal for families and groups of friends with common interests, allowing you to fill in the cruise as you please.

Custom Designed Cruises

The Indonesian archipelago consists of more than 17,000 islands: too many to visit in a lifetime, and almost each of these islands offers a unique culture and experience. Depending on your individual interests, we will be glad to assist you in putting together the cruise of your dreams!

Whatever it is that makes you tick, whether above or below the water, and whether it’s textiles or bird watching, hiking or stargazing, big pelagics or tiny nudibranchs, insects or reptiles, beaches or volcanoes, historical wonders or culinary delights, our extremely experienced captain and crew have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge sailing the seas and visiting the islands of Indonesia and can be relied upon to show you the stuff your dreams are made of.

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